Start with Seeds
Seeds is a beautiful, plant-based cookbook that makes cooking simple and fun. With an intuitive, fully interactive design and an incredible selection of simple and easy-to-make recipes, Seeds is the perfect way to start reducing your environmental impact and help save the planet.
Make 6 9 12 delicious tacos
Seeds completely reinvents the cookbook, throwing out all the rules to make cooking more fun and accessible. Keep track of all the ingredients and tools you'll need to put together your meal, and even choose the number of servings you want to make, updating the entire recipe automatically.
Cook the perfect burger
Seeds includes all the tools you need to cook like a pro, like integrated timers. Tap a step to move onto the next one, and Seeds will start timers automatically and point to what you need to do next — letting you know if you need to wait before moving on, or if it's time for the next step.
“Hey Siri, next step”
If your hands are busy while cooking, just ask Siri to move to the next step. Seeds will advance through the recipe and check off steps automatically, then speak back what you need to do next.
90+ incredible recipes
Seeds includes over ninety incredible plant-based recipes with beautiful, high-resolution photos, and more added regularly. Each recipe has been carefully crafted to be nutritious, tasty and easy to make, using ingredients that can be found in any market. And because every recipe in Seeds is 100% plant-based, they're good for both you and the planet.
Save the planet
You can help save the planet with Seeds. Seeds includes an immersive, informational photo book — based on the latest scientific studies — showing how your food choices affect the world around you, and why the future of food is plant-based. Learn more about your environmental impact and ways to end climate change, the treatment of animals in agriculture, health benefits of a plant-based diet, and more.